Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

If you have been reading my past articles, I have been warning about global de-dollarization, coming inflation and how the US is being left out in the cold.

What we are witnessing is a global reorganization of the global economy right before our eyes.

There is an economic war taking place that the US has done nothing but stir the flames of hatred towards the US, our dollar and our status as the Global Reserve Currency.

On August 22, 2023, the BRICS nations – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are coming together to allow in from 36 to 41 more countries into this growing trade alliance.

Due to our very aggressive policies, more and more countries are progressively lining up to join BRICS.

Christine Lagarde, the head of the European Central Bank stated recently that…

“We are witnessing a fragmentation of the global economy into competing blocs, with each bloc trying to pull as much of the rest of the world closer to its respective strategic interests and shared values. And this fragmentation may well coalesce around two blocs led respectively by the two largest economies in the world.

All this could have far-reaching implications across many domains of policymaking. And today in my remarks, I would like to explore what the implications might be.”

A prime example of this is when just two weeks ago China cut off the export of the rare earth materials, gallium, and germanium, two key components for producing middle to high end microchips specifically for green energy.

In turn, the US is likely to retaliate with restrictions on providing cloud computing services which are a critical element of AI development.

What is Driving Countries To China?

Larry Summers, the Former United States Secretary of the Treasury said it this way…

“I was speaking to an African diplomat asking him about what is going on and the African diplomat stated “that when China comes, they bring a checkbook. When the US comes, they bring a lecture.”

In other words, China’s approach is to attract with honey. Third world countries are encouraged by China to get rich so that they can buy more Chinese stuff and in turn China does not interfere in their domestic policies.

I have personally witnessed this myself when I lived in Central American. China indeed brings a big checkbook building free airports, railroads and in the case of Costa Rica, gave their police force all new cars.

The countries in return are able to buy and build natural resources like oil, metals, and other raw materials.

It is a win-win deal. China gets raw materials, and the home country gets a free airport. In turn the country can then monetize said resource and create more income for their country.

China has been good at giving these countries no hassles, even if they are they dictatorship.

In fact, China actually helps those countries remain stable by helping them suppress domestic descent, thus the free fleet of police cars that Costa Rica got.

China is trying to make the whole world into a model much like Singapore, which is politically stable, a one-party autocracy that gets rich and buys more and more Chinese stuff.

On the other hand, when the US come knocking it leverages our reserve currency and forces our own ideas pushing everything from union policies to LGBT rights. Even in countries like Libya or Afghanistan.

I mean think about it for a second, LGBT rights in extreme Muslim countries. Who was wearing their thinking caps with those sort of “snowballs chance in hell” ideas?

Countries are no longer trusting the US because we have become a global bully. A prime example is what we did last year by seizing the Russia’s central bank dollars to try and crash their banking system.

That is a line in the sand that we have NEVER crossed, not even with our worse enemies. But the current administration weaponized our dollar and crossed that line.

So, on one hand the US comes in and says “if you don’t do what we say, we will crush you if we don’t like you or you are not doing what we tell you.”

Where China on the other hand tells these countries that “we want you rich and secure and we will help you get there and stay out of your countries domestic business.”

The US offers instability and impossible ideas along with political demands.

China offers a nice checkbook, help and they will leave their country alone.

Can you see why so many countries are lining up to join the BRICS Alliance?

Eventually what we are seeing come about are two economic trade alliances, the Western nations hanging with the dollar because they must and the BRICS Alliance offering abundance, growth and a hands off policy on how countries want to govern / run themselves.

If you have not figured it out yet, we are on the losing side and if you think things are bad now, things are going to get far worse when all these BRICS Alliance nations no longer want to play on our side of the playground and instead chooses to play in BRICS playground.

What Does This Mean For Us Common Folk?

Well, since we have shipped all our manufacturing over to many of these countries that are joining or wishing to join the BRICS alliance, don’t expect these countries to do business with us much longer.

I mean if you were head of a country, would you want to hang out with bullies that tell you what to do and how to run your life / country?

Odds are you would not.

This means that more and more countries are going to align themselves with the BRICS Alliance.

AND… with BRICS creating a new currency, expect more of these countries to drop our US dollar in exchange for the R2 / BRIC.

Those dollars will flood back into our country, thus causing the dollar to lose more and more value and in turn cause higher and higher inflation.

It will cost you and me more and more money to buy things especially anything imported, especially any imports that come from BRICS Alliance nations.

We will basically be shut out of global trade as more and more countries join up with BRICS and begin buying and selling with other BRICS nations vs buying and selling with the US.

So, what is the solution? Start bringing back those manufacturers to the US and start ramping up the industrial infrastructure so that the US can start producing stuff again.

That is actually the good news.

The bad news is that industrial infrastructure is not created overnight.

What is the average time? About 2+ years on average from green field to start of production…. Depending on a million variables, each of those variables can push final production out weeks, months and years. Just know these things will not take place over night and we will most likely see delays.

Here is THE BIG PROBLEM… the US has not come to the realization that they need to bring industry back home yet.

Yeah, you are hearing it here and there, but it has no hit the corporate pocket books yet and they have not felt the pain.

The US is going to have to feel some pain and I am estimating that the pain is going to be about three to five years. That is once the US wakes up to the pain and realizes that we are not getting stuff anymore.

THEN… the US will start investing in industrial infrastructure and start building factories and facilities again.

But that is down the road and the big question is when will the US wake up to the pain?

In the meantime, folks like you and I are going to be going through our own pain as we see prices rise higher and higher and goods and services become more and more expensive.

Many people who have not prepared for this coming storm will be greatly affected by it and it will destroy individuals, families and lives.

Survive The Coming Storm – Becoming a Self-Sustaining Family

The biggest issue is being self-sustainable.

How independent are you and your family from the outside world?

Becoming more self-sustainable as a family involves a range of steps and lifestyle changes. While the specific approach may vary depending on your families circumstances and goals, I want to share some general steps to consider…

1- Assess Your Current Situation – Evaluate your family’s current consumption patterns, energy usage, and resource dependence. Identify areas where you can reduce reliance on external systems and resources.

2- Set goals – Define your self-sustainability objectives. Determine what aspects of self-sustainability are most important to your family, such as food production, energy efficiency, water conservation, or waste reduction.

3 – Educate Yourselves – Learn about various self-sustainable practices, techniques, and technologies. Familiarize yourselves with organic gardening, renewable energy systems, water harvesting methods, and other sustainable living practices. Attend workshops, read books, and explore online resources.

4- Start Small – I am a big fan of baby steps. Start by implementing manageable changes that align with your goals. Start a small vegetable garden, compost kitchen scraps, or conserve water by installing low-flow fixtures. These initial steps will help you build confidence and experience.

5 – Reduce Energy Consumption – Implement energy-saving measures such as insulating your home, using energy-efficient appliances and lighting, and unplugging electronics when not in use. Consider renewable energy options like solar panels or wind turbines to generate your own electricity.

6 – Create Your Own Personal Supply Chain – This is something that many have not thought about. Where are you going to get your supplies and such once they are to high in price? Food? Materials? Consumer goods? Things to keep you and your family healthy and clean? By creating your personal supply chain now, you will be able to not feel the effects as much as others who have not done so. The following tips are how you can achieve that.

7 – Grow Your Own Food – Establish a home garden to grow vegetables, herbs, and fruits. Consider composting to enrich the soil and reduce waste. Explore container gardening or vertical gardening if space is limited. Gradually expand your garden over time.

8 – Preserve & Store Food – Learn food preservation techniques such as canning, dehydrating, fermenting, or freezing. This will help you store excess produce for future use and reduce reliance on store-bought items.

9 – Conserve / Save Water – Look into installing a rainwater harvesting systems to collect and store rainwater for irrigation purposes. Use water-efficient fixtures, fix leaks promptly, and practice mindful water usage.

10 – Reduce Waste and Reuse – Embrace a low-waste lifestyle by recycling, composting, and avoiding a disposable lifestyle. Consider fixing or even repurposing items whenever possible.

11 – Foster Self-Sufficiency Skills – Develop skills that support self-sustainability, such as cooking from scratch, sewing, basic carpentry, and basic first aid. Explore hunting, fishing and foraging as well. These skills can empower your family to address daily needs without relying heavily on external resources.

12 – Collaborate & Connect With Other Like Minded People – Engage with local communities, farmers’ markets, and like-minded individuals who are also pursuing self-sustainable lifestyles. Share knowledge, resources, and experiences. Participate in community gardening projects or skill-sharing initiatives.

13 – Continuously Adapt, Overcome and Learn – Self-sustainability is a journey, and it may take time to achieve your desired level of independence. Be open to learning, adapting your practices, and refining your approach along the way.

Remember, becoming more self-sustainable is a gradual process. As I have said many times, take baby steps and you will be amazed at how far you will go.

Start with small changes, experiment, and build upon your successes. Each step you take brings you closer to a more self-sustaining lifestyle for your family.


Like it or not, we have a storm coming that was created by our elected own powers that be.

These actions have been put in play and there is no getting away from them. We have crossed the Rubicon in a sense and the only way out is by moving forward.

How you do that is how well you and your family will be when we get to the other side of the coming storm.

One of the things that Cynthia and I are doing is to no longer buy our daily consumer goods from Walmart or any of the other big box stores. We are no longer supporting Chinese made or Chinese / BRICS sourced.

What we are now supporting is an American Made, Family-Owned shopping club and we love everything they have to offer with over 500+ consumer goods that most of us use daily.

We have made the switch and we will be glad to show you how we have created our own personal supply chain so that our family will see the other side of the coming storm and help maintain some normalcy while we are at it.

If you want to hear more about what we are doing, click my Patriot Switch link and I will send you an email and follow it up with a text to make sure it did not end up in spam.

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