Sun. May 19th, 2024


A Bit About Shopping For Preparedness Items

Foods I Recommend

Foods that I highly recommend are Thrive Life and Augason Farms. Both of these are the “Cadillac” of food. What you do not want to do is go cheap on your long term foods, remember this is what will feed you when hard times hit.
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Augason Farms

I also recommend Augason Farms. I have created a page with some great sales that I have found on Amazon.
Check back often on the different foods that I find and the great sales that I find on Amazon.
Please contact me if you have any questions or if I can help advise you in anyway.



Kitchen Gear

I am one who believes in producing your own long term food. By producing your own and augmenting with freeze dried foods, you will have a very well stocked pantry. But the thing is that you will need the tools to create these long term foods, be it a dehydrator, pressure canner, mason jars, and other tools of the trade. On this page you will find the gear that I use to help us put up food for the winter.


Here are some of my top recommendations…



Home Security Gear

Here you will find a lot of items that will help you “toughen” your castle and give you early warning. See, I am not a fan of home alarms. They only go off when the bad guy has already entered.


Personal Protection Gear

Please note that I do make a little bit of compensation from Amazon when you purchase.