Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

Have you ever had goals and objectives and you want to start, but then this inner voice comes into your mind and tells you to put it off to tomorrow?

That is what Andy Frisella calls (and I love the term) – The Bitch Voice.

When we move towards achieving significant goals in life, one huge adversary often stands in the way – that notorious inner critic. I refer to it as the “bitch voice,”

It is that internal dialogue that lives within the backs of our mind. It cunningly convinces us from hitting those paths that lead to greatness.

It’s the one that tells us that cutting corners, compromising values, taking the easy way out, and ultimately, giving in to the temptation to quit.

For many, me included, listening to this destructive inner voice has resulted in goals not met, things not done and a loss of progress over the years.

The power of the bitch voice lies in its ability to single-handedly dismantle the foundations of a fulfilling life, but only if we grant it the authority to do so.

What we need to realize is that we hold the power when it comes to responding to this internal enemy.

Imagine a life where, instead of yielding to the bitch voice, every encounter with it becomes a catalyst for immediate and purposeful action.

Instead of lagging, we are triggered to go into action, executing tasks at an extraordinary level.

This skill is not just beneficial; it is indispensable for anyone aspiring to triumph in their goals and dreams.

Conquering the bitch voice is an art that demands one of mastery. That is if one is to emerge victorious in the battles of self-doubt.

The pivotal shift occurs when the person recognize that they are the architects of their responses to this goal killing thief.

As we gain control over our bitch voice, a remarkable transformation unfolds.

We are no longer dictated by the negativity it breeds, we become the builders of our destiny.

When we discover this newfound control, it empowers us to navigate challenges with resilience, make decisions aligned with our goals and desires, and we persevere when the going gets tough.

The secret to this mastery lies in using the bitch voice as a catalyst for positive change.

We learn to leverage it instead of allowing it to dictate defeat.

We turn every encounter with self-doubt into an opportunity for growth and progress.

By choosing to respond with immediate action and a commitment to high-level execution, we take away the power the bitch voice holds over us.

What is the lesson that we have learned?

The path to accomplishing our goals and dreams in life involves mastering the art of silencing the inner critic. The bitch voice may persist, but its influence starts to lessen when met with the strong determination to take control.

As we hone this skill, we pave the way for a life defined by victory over adversity and we see our most ambitious aspirations come to life.