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Raymond Mhor The Kilted PrepperMy name is Raymond Mhor and I have lived some sort of preparedness lifestyle all my life. Even when I was growing up, I remember having a secret stash of food, my “James Bond” gear, a camping knife that was about 6 inches long that had everything on it except the kitchen sink.  I used to go in our back yard and make all sorts of funky traps to catch bad guys and make my parents come out and watch them in action.  Nine times out of ten they did not work.

As a family we always had a huge garden full of produce; the extra, my mom always canned or dehydrated.   It was never wasted.  We were one of the first to get the heat-sealed bags, which were prior to the really good zip topped bags or today’s vacuumed sealed bags.

Days at the beach allowed us to go fishing and crabbing. My parents never wasted any opportunity to catch food.  Every hook was baited and in the water.  Always, at the end of the day, the ice chest was filled with plenty to freeze.  It was a life-style which is sorely lacking these days.

Raymond in The US ArmyI am a veteran of the US Army and I used to jump out of perfectly good planes, repel down ropes and fly into windows, eat snake and even monkey too. I was first stationed at Ft Bragg NC and then later volunteered for special duty over in Hanau Germany as part of a fast reactionary force guarding Patriot Missile. This was during the time when W. Germany had terrorist issues and a group of us were sent there on special assignment.

In the Army, I had the opportunity to go through a lot of training that the average Infantry soldier does not get.  At that time, Special Operations consisted of the 82nd Airborne, Special Forces, Ranger Battalions and 10th Mountain’s Light Infantry; the latter, which had newly been introduced. We were all part of the rapid response forces during the Reagan presidency.

The military built much of my preparedness and survival skills, but the real eye opener was the The Loma Prieta earthquake…1998.

Loma Prieta Earthquake

The Loma Prieta earthquake, also known as the Quake of ’89 and the World Series Earthquake, was a major earthquake that struck the San Francisco Bay Area of California on October 17, 1989, at 5:04 p.m. local time.  Caused by a slip along the San Andreas Fault, the tremor lasted 10–15 seconds and measured 6.9 on the Moment Magnitude scale and with a surface-wave magnitude of  7.1 that  killed 63 people throughout northern California, injured 3,757 and left some 3,000-12,000 people homeless.

Because of the damage, I had an opportunity to work with FEMA inspecting damaged homes.  From this experience, I observed a common regret expressed over and over again by people who had lost everything…. how they wish they had put family pictures in a safe place.

Fast Forward To 9-11 & After

Just after 9-11 I was contacted by The Department of Homeland Security seeing if I wanted to come on board and help federalize the nation’s airports. They offered some nice pay at the time and nice bennies, so I took the offer and became part of the “Jump Teams” that jumped from airport to airport helping set up security for the airports.

It was during that time that God called me back into the ministry. Back in 1993 I used to run a website called Prophezine which dealt with Bible Prophecy, World Events and Preparedness. I sold that off to a friend and after a few years due to family issues and he contacted me wanting to see if I wanted it back. I thought about it and figured sure.

So I ran a very successful ministry for a number of years till Trump got into office and it seemed that Christians were no longer interested in Bible Prophecy and Preparedness. Things kind of went down hill, had a troubled marriage that ended in a not so good divorce and then stepping away once again from the ministry.

2019 and Forward

Ray & Cynthia MhorFor the several years of stepping away from the ministry I was getting my life back in order, found a wonderful woman named Cynthia who loves and supports what I do and truly has become the love of my life.

In 2019 we found ourselves in the world of kilts. You know, the things Scottish men wear. Back in 2014 I did the DNA test and discovered that I was about 80% Scot-Irish and took a real pride in it. I read a number of books and really fell in love with the book series Outlander by Diana Gabaldon.  Well, one thing led to another and I created a Facebook group and today, that group has over 23,000 members world wide. We have local chapters all over the world and we promote the love of the kilt and finding out that we become better men because we do wear the kilt.

For some reason, when a man puts on a kilt, the kilt will bestow what I call “Superpowers.” An example of this would be…

    • The Power of Magnetism
    • The Gift of Gab
    • The power of “Friend Me”
    • And one of the most important…The Power of Super Self Confidence

These are just a few examples and there are more. But over all one of the things that I discovered being a “Daily Kiltie” is that I have become a better man. Another thing that I really relate to is that the kilt is a “warriors” attire and throughout the ages, men in kilts have always been associated to being a warrior fighting for what is right and for FREEDOM!

God Called Me Back Once Again

It was back in April of 2022 that God planted the seed and starting whispering to me that He wanted me back in the ministry. I have to admit that I fought it for several months and I was kind of a bear too. I was not to happy because God was really convicting me and I chose to run instead of submit.  Some of you reading this may understand what I am saying.

See, when God wants you back and you fight and resist, He kind of makes you a miserable person. And it isn’t till you finally submit to the calling that all of a sudden things start falling back into place and the Joy of the Lord returns to you.

AND… that is what happened to me.

In fact, talk about confirmation. It was July 10th that I finally submitted to coming back in the ministry. Cynthia and I found a really great church that we were attending for a spell and we decided to officially join the church. It was at that time that I submitted to the Lord both to the church He led us to and to the ministry He was calling me back into.

Now here the interesting thing.

It was July 13, 2022 and I was talking to my associate pastor and getting some council from him. I told him that God called me back and that I finally submitted to Him. Told him what I was feeling led to speak and preach about and he thought it was an outstanding idea. I asked him if we could pray about it and ask God’s blessing upon this new adventure that we, Cynthia and I were about to embark on and get this, two hours after that prayer I got a call from a rather large ministry asking me to come on their show and talk about preparedness and prophecy.

Talk about God opening doors.

So that is where I am today and both me and Cynthia are really excited to see where God takes us.

I hope that you enjoy the site and please tell others about it. I am writing articles again and will be posting regularly to the site as well as posting “how to” videos on our You Tube channel.


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