Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

For some time now I have been writing articles talking about how China will stop sending us their cheap stuff and how it will affect the US economy as well as you the individual.

If you think that China’s implosion will not affect you, then you need to understand that metaphorically speaking, you are on a speeding train headed straight for a solid wall and the train is not going to win.

China is collapsing and the Chinese have concealed this so well, that the world is finally waking up to this shocking news.

When you look at China from a domestic or international point of view, the Chinese system is riddled with issues that are becoming increasingly evident.

Between economic issues, a crumbling political system, diminishing demographics, and a long list of other problems, China’s collapse should no longer surprise anyone.

To bring you up to speed, here is what is going on in China…

Xi Jinping Has Taken “The Cult of Personality” To a Whole New Playing Level


Xi Jinping has gutted the political system of ANYONE who could or would possibly rise up and run against him or become some sort of anti-Xi Jinping voice.

This is a three-fold problem…

First – anyone who had the knowledge of what is going on that could help the Chinese people have been terminated.

Second – everyone who is left is scared to literal death to bring any sort of news, good or bad, to Xi Jinping for fear of their lives being terminated by Xi Jinping for even speaking up.

Third – because everyone is dead, there isn’t any information that is being collected on what is truly going on in China, again for fear that it any information good or bad will upset Xi Jinping, and they would be terminated.

So, thanks to Xi Jinping, there isn’t anyone even in place to take over for this guy if he would suddenly croak or even if there was an internal revolution. Xi has killed anyone and everyone who could oppose him.

China’s One Child Policy Has Caught Up and They Do Not Have The Workers

The one-child policy was a population planning initiative in China implemented between 1979 and 2015 to curb the country’s population growth by restricting many families to a single child.

China-one-child-policyThis in turn has now turned-on China and they now have the largest elderly population on earth and the smallest working age population.

In fact, it has recently come out that the census bureau in China has admitted that they over counted this demographic by 100 million people. That means 100 million people less than they first thought.

It was known that China’s younger population was smaller than expected, but this gross oversight has made this problem even worse.

But that is not all, the birthrate in China has dropped to 70% since 2017. This is the fastest drop in birthrate in recorded history…ever.

What this boils down to is that there are not enough people coming into the business / work sector to create goods and services that the Chinese people need, let alone what they wish to export to other countries.

This has taken such a bad turn that there are not enough people in China to support economic consumption to the level that they require to maintain their economy.

Already corporations are hustling to find other sources of workers and factories to take up the slack of China not producing as much as they were.

And the problem is this, because the world has depended on China for all these cheap Chinese goods for so long, there are very few factories and skilled workers to take up that slack.

What I am saying is that there could come a day in our very near future where shipments of cheap Chinese stuff just come to a halt.

China’s Economy is at Least Ten Times Worse Than Ours and Imploding Fast

Because of all the global noise about shutdowns, covid, lock ins, massive supply chain issues, wars and potential wars, no body has really been paying attention to what is really going on in China and what we are now realizing is that China’s economy is far worse than what we are dealing with here in the US.

In fact, it has only been within these last few months that this news had cut through all the clutter and noise that has been happening globally that we have finally started to pay attention to what is really going on in China.

Their housing market has all but imploded. When there are not enough up and coming families buying homes, then the housing market stops. Just in case you do not know, housing is a major driving force in any economy and its fingers stretch far with all that goes into building a single-family home.

Like the housing industry, their auto industry has also imploded. Yes China has the cheapest EV vehicles out there, but already support and spare parts are becoming slim not only in the Chinese economy, but with countries that have imported these vehicles.

Like with housing, there just isn’t enough demand to drive production of vehicles. The auto industry is another far reaching economic driver in an economy.

Remember the old saying “What’s good for GM is good for America?”

Well, kind of the same goes over there in China and their auto industry.

With both home and automotive industries being severely affected and just not enough of the population to drive production of both, it is literally killing the economy to the point that many are now saying that China is on the verge of a full-blown economic depression.

It has now become quite clear that China’s system is breaking down and the demographic collapse that I mentioned above is not correctable. There are literally not enough people under the age of forty to even try.

Because of this, we are now finally realizing that China has a serious problem of even being industrially competitive in the global arena… AND the world has become so addicted to their cheap Chinese stuff.

Like it or not, companies are finally coming to the realization that it is costing companies more money to have China build their stuff because the once cheap work force to do the job is no longer there.

AND… we are as a nation China’s largest economic trade partner.

So are you starting to get the big picture here and understand why I have been saying that sooner more than later that we should expect China to stop shipping us their products?

NOW…. Couple that with the Biden administration which is the most protectionist administration in the United States has had at least in a century far, more so than former President Donald Trump.

The Biden Administration has China is over a barrel, and you can now see how cheap Chinese stuff suddenly stops coming over from China. I mean why trade with folks who have made it increasingly difficult to even do business with you?

Wouldn’t it be easier to do business with friends vs those who have you over the barrel?

And This is Where BRICS Comes Into Play

The Chinese are getting hit from every angle. The chairman is paranoid, and he has purged everyone that could stand up against him. It’s an open question whether he can even become aware in a reasonable amount of time that something is even wrong.

This has been coming for a long time coming but because of all the noise we missed a lot of the signals in the last five years of just how quickly China’s collapse was coming.

I think this is one of the reasons why China has been pushing for BRICS and adding to the nations in the BRICS alliance.

China realizes that sooner or later they are going to have to replace the US as their number one trade partner for cheap Chinese stuff and find other markets and fast.

I mean it is only common sense that one would rather trade with people who are “friends” vs people who are hostile towards you and have you over a barrel… right?

And that is where BRICS comes into play.

Let me put it to you this way.

It means that…

1 – The BRICS nations combined will have more money and stronger economic health vs. the U.S.

2 – The BRICS nations combined will have more people, at an 11 to 1 ratio, purchasing goods and services vs. that of the U.S.

The U.S. has been the strongest economy with the most purchasing power globally.

Now with the BRICS Alliance coming together, not only do they beat the U.S. in economic health, but they will also beat us with the number of people who will buy goods and such, aka purchasing power.

This, in turn, will SEVERLY knock the U.S. out of that dominant purchasing power position.

So here is the big question…

What is Going To Happen When The US Can’t Get Their Chinese Stuff Anymore?

Bluntly stated, it puts us, The US out in the cold.

Not only is China not purchasing from the U.S., but many of the other BRICS countries are also following suit and canceling purchasing contracts as well.

All the while, the U.S. is still purchasing cheap Chinese goods from China and other BRICS nations.

That is a massive trade imbalance.

This also creates a HUGE ADDICTION to Chinese / BRICS-made imports.

And addictions can be leveraged; ask that heroin addict who needs that cheap fix.

People with addictions will do almost anything to ensure they get their cheap fix.

The question is, are you addicted to all this cheap Chinese / BRICS-made junk?

What would you do if you couldn’t get these Chinese / BRICS-made things anymore?

Have you reviewed your home and looked at all the “MADE IN” labels?

I am betting that 70% – 80% or more of the goods in your home are Chinese / BRICS-made imports.

Here is the big question, and people do not realize it is coming…


What will you do when you can’t get
Chinese / BRICS-made products,

OR…. you will have to pay
outrageous prices for said items?


What About The Mega-Corporations and All The Stuff They Make?

More importantly, what will mega-corporations do when they can’t get their Chinese / BRICS-made raw materials?

Can they make their goods anymore if they can’t get the raw materials?

You do know that only 11 mega-corporations make all the stuff we eat and use in the home, don’t you?

Don’t believe me?

Here you go…

Want to do more research? Google “the illusion of choice,” and you will be blown away.

Here is a big question – where do you think they get all their raw materials from?

Yes, some of it is made here, but many raw components that go into many of the things we use daily are sourced from China and BRICS nations.

How Addicted Do You Feel Now?

What will you do when you can’t get Chinese / BRICS-made products?

Do you know what you are going to do?

You are going to fight.

Fight for those baby wipes, shampoo, floor cleaner, laundry detergent, and all those other things you have in your home from China and BRICS nations.

Going to any big / small box store is going to be like going into a war zone.

Don’t believe me? Remember the toilet paper wars in the Walmart Isles?

Now take that to a bigger scale, and that is what 90% of the people will face in this nation. The 90% need to pay more attention or read articles like this.

The great news is that if you know of a place where you can purchase US-made goods that your household uses daily, you are good to go.

Our family has worked that one out with several solutions. We have created our own personal supply chain.

Have you created a personal supply chain for you and your family?

What We Are Doing at the Mhor Home

Personally, we have been creating alternate avenues to maintain our normalcy and creating our own personal supply chains to remain intact. We know a storm is coming, and we have been shoring up our “ark” for the long term.

We have been doing this in several ways…

–  We are investing in tangible assets that we will need while our dollar still has buying power. Things like garden tools, kitchen tools, building tools, and other things that we will need in day-to-day life.

– We are looking at purchasing junk silver so that we can use that for barter and trade. Gold and silver prices are currently low, so now is an excellent time to hit up those mom-and-pop coin shops and stock up on junk silver.

– We have ripped up our backyard and growing a bigger garden than last year. We will also work on saving more seeds this year so that we can grow next year.

– We are working on connecting with local gardeners, farmers, ranchers, and farmer’s markets.

– We are leveraging apps like…

–, where we can connect with other gardeners.

–, where we can connect with local family-owned businesses.

–, where we can connect with other preppers all over the U.S. and locally to help facilitate mutual assistance groups.

– We have also switched from buying 95% of our daily consumer goods from Walmart and other big box stores. We are now leveraging Patriot Switch, which has helped us replace all those goods we once got at Walmart and other box stores, and now we shop with a great family-owned online shopping club with nearly 500 daily consumer goods that are also US Made.

Folks, think about this for a moment, what would happen if the Walmart shelves became empty, or the products there cost so much that you can’t afford them because they are imported?

We need to identify our personal supply chains to have them in place in case the rug gets pulled out from under us.

For us, the biggest issue was finding a company that still produces US-made consumer goods, and we found a good one.

The great news is that they maintain our family’s values. No ESG with them. No WOKE agenda and No Chinese-made Chinese sourced junk.

If this is something that you want to leverage for you and your family, contact me, and I will zap you an email and send you a text when you fill out my Patriot Switch link.

I promise no Amway speeches or anything like that. Just me sharing what we are doing and how we made the switch.

Talk to me and join 20,000 other patriotic Americans with the Patriot Switch Movement – a great online shopping club –

What’s The Alternative?

You will be put in a SHTF situation where you and your family cannot maintain some normalcy, where you could have jumped on what we are doing here at the Mhor home.

The thing is that right now, we still have time. If you wait to make all these changes I recommended above, well, to be blunt, it will suck big time for you and your family.

So, I suggest that you start doing these things now. Put your pride aside and start looking for alternatives to create your own personal supply chain that will produce American-made products so that you can maintain some normalcy for you and your family.

Start learning to garden, hunt, and fish.

Start using the apps mentioned above to create alliances to barter and trade with.

Start securing your daily consumer goods and finding American-made products by making the switch –

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.

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Cheers & Keep Pushing Forward!

Raymond Mhor

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