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Food Shortage Coming To AmericaAs many of you know, I have been working at warning people that there are going to be food shortages in 2022 and even worse in 2023.

If you have not done so, please take the time to read my article “The Perfect Storm.”

Folks, what you may or may not know if that things are far worse than what you might be hearing about in the news. The world is potentially facing an unprecedented world wide food crisis over the next year and it seems that…

1 – No body seems to know about it

2- No body seems to care

For weeks, social media users and bloggers have been throwing around the story that dozens of food processing facilities have mysteriously burned down over the last few months.

list of food processing plants out of businessIn Fact, Zero Hedge has done one better and has compiled a list of 100+ food processing plants that have gone under for one reason or another. Take a look at that list and you will be amazed.

My friend Michael Snyder over at The Economic Collapse put together a pretty frightening list about the coming food shortages.

As you will see below, Michael has collected many data points that it is impossible to deny that a global food shortage is coming.

33 things we know about the coming food shortages…

#1 The hard red winter wheat crop in the United States this year “was the smallest since 1963”.  But in 1963, there were only 182 million people living in this nation.  Today, our population has grown to 329 million.

#2 It is being projected that the rice harvest in California will be “half what it would be in a normal year”.

#3 The U.S. tomato harvest will come in at just 10.5 million tons in 2022.  That is over a million tons lower than a normal year.

#4 This will be the worst U.S. corn harvest in at least a decade.

#5 Year-to-date shipments of carrots in the United States are down 45 percent.

#6 Year-to-date shipments of sweet corn in the United States are down 20 percent.

#7 Year-to-date shipments of sweet potatoes in the United States are down 13 percent.

#8 Year-to-date shipments of celery in the United States are down 11 percent.

#9 Total peach production in the U.S. is down 15 percent from last year.

#10 Almost three-fourths of all U.S. farmers say that this year’s drought is hurting their harvests.

#11 Thanks to the endless drought, the total number of cattle in Oregon is down 41 percent.

#12 Thanks to the endless drought, the total number of cattle in New Mexico is down 43 percent.

#13 Thanks to the endless drought, the total number of cattle in Texas is down 50 percent.

#14 One beef producer in Oklahoma is now predicting that ground beef “could eventually top $50 per pound”.

#15 At least 40 percent of the United States has been suffering from drought conditions for 101  consecutive weeks.

#16 Overall, this is the worst multi-year megadrought in the United States in 1,200 years.

#17 Europe is currently experiencing the worst drought that it has seen in 500 years.  In some parts of central Europe, river levels have fallen so low that “hunger stones” are being revealed for the first time in centuries.

Hunger Growing in The US#18 Corn production for the entire EU could be down by as much as one-fifth in 2022.

#19 We are being warned that there will be crop losses in France of up to 35 percent.

#20 It is being projected that crop losses in some areas of the UK could be as high as 50 percent.

#21 It is being reported that there will be crop losses “of up to 50 percent” in some parts of Germany.

#22 Some farmers in Italy have already lost “up to 80% of their harvest”.

#23 Agricultural production in Somalia will be down about 80 percent this year.

#24 In eastern Africa, the endless drought has already resulted in the deaths of at least seven million animals.

#25 In China, they are facing the worst drought that they have ever experienced in recorded history.

#26 India normally accounts for 40 percent of the global rice trade, but we are being warned that production in that country will be way down in 2022 due to “considerable rainfall deficits in key rice producing states”.

#27 A third of the entire nation of Pakistan was under water after recent floods absolutely devastated that nation, and agricultural areas were hit particularly hard.  As a result, the vast majority of the crops in the country have been “washed away”

It has also been estimated that roughly 65 per cent of the country’s food basket — particularly crops like rice, cotton, wheat and onion — have been washed away.

Pakistan Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, in an interview to CGTN earlier this week, offered an even starker outlook by saying that “about 80 to 90 per cent” of the country’s crops have been damaged by the floods.

#28 The prices of some fertilizers have tripled since 2021, while the prices of some other fertilizers have actually quadrupled.

#29 One payment company is reporting that the number of Americans using their app to take out short-term loans for groceries has risen by 95 percent.

#30 Demand at U.S. food banks is now even worse than it was during the height of the COVID pandemic.

#31 The World Health Organization is telling us that millions of people in Africa are now potentially facing a very real possibility of starving to death.

#32 According to the World Food Program, 828 million people around the world go to bed hungry each night.  Needless to say, that number will soon be much higher.

#33 UN Secretary General António Guterres has publicly stated that he believes that it is likely that there will be “multiple famines” in 2023.

What Can We Do?

Empty Food ShelvesI have been asked this a number of times and I have done two things.

First – if you have not read ” Food Prices WILL Escalate Dramatically – Prepare Now – A Budget Preparedness List for Beginners” then take the time to read it. This is for the person who is just starting out and has a tight budget. I have created a 4 week quick start plan as well as follow up items that you need need get to continue to grow your pantry.

Second – I have compiled a FREE Quick Start Guide that if you look in my upper right hand coulomb you will see it. This is for FREE, no need to give an email or anything. It is important to me that you have the information and start acting on it now.

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This is basically why I created this page so that I myself can keep an eye on all the Augason Farms sales and jump on the good ones when they pop up.

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What I Ask of YOU…

PLEASE HELP ME GET THE WORD OUT AND SHARE THIS ARTICLE. I know that you have friends and family who need a wake up call. Use this article.  I know that there are many people in your life that “need proof” of what is going on, this is why I compiled this article so that you can share it with others and have them see the proof that a a drastic U.S. food shortage is coming and that they still have time to do something about it.

In the long run I would rather have allies than enemies. Meaning, I would rather have more people preparing for what is coming down the road vs not doing anything and become part of the “Brass Horde Sheeple Invasion.” Those who are part of that category will be looting, robbing and creating chaos all  just for a few morsels of food.

The more people that have prepared means one less person that will be starving or resort to crime just to feed their family.

Child Hunger will explodeThe Haves vs The Have Nots

Will there be a complete disappearance of food from the grocery store shelves?

No, I do not believe there will be.

What I do know is that with all these things that are going on, inflation, recession, loss of jobs, broken supply chains, smaller crops and the list goes on; there will be people who HAVE and there will be people who will HAVE NOT.

Already people are having a hard time keeping food on the table and some are being priced right out of the market.

People are maxing out their credit cards just so that they can pay the bills and eat. Soon they will no longer be able to use the plastic and then things will really get bad for them.

No Kid Hungry reported that “According to the latest estimates, as many as 9 million children in the United States live in “food insecure” homes. That phrase may sound mild, but it means that those households don’t have enough food for every family member to lead a healthy life.”

Food banks are running out of food, unemployment is going to start to rise drastically and it is a very good chance that this nation will fall into a hard recession. If this nation can not turn from that in a timely manner, I fear that we may even enter into a depression.

Then there will be the people who are in the HAVE category. They will be able to buy food and some what stay afloat because they prepared ahead and built their “ark” per say. The big issue is how long will they be able to stay afloat?

This is why I say that now is the time to double down and do everything that one can do to make sure that their families ark is prepared for the coming storm.

In the coming weeks I will be putting out more information on what people can do as well as looking out across the horizon at things coming our way that we need to know about.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me here. I work hard to answer all my emails that come to me. I believe that if you took the time to write, I need to take the time to respond. The best way to do that is click on my CONTACT tab in the upper navigation bar.

Finally, please follow my work and tell others about what I am doing. Let’s all work together to create allies and arks so that together we can weather this coming storm.

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