Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

$5.2 billion in Cargo Stuck off West Coast Ports
and Growing Daily
Do You Have A Personal Supply Chain In Place?

Folks, I know that I sound like a broken record at times talking about having a personal supply chain, but what is happening on the west coast is exactly what I have been warning about.

If you do not know, the ENTIRE west coast’s ports have come to a stand still.

Since July 2022, more than 22,000 dockworkers at nearly 30 ports across the West Coast have been working without a contract, causing occasional closures by not showing up to work.

The dockworkers are represented by the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, which is advocating better pay, additional benefits and protection from automation.

The labor dispute comes amid record profits earned by port operators. The ILWU claims that port operators made $510 billion during the pandemic but that those riches have not been passed down to dockworkers in the form of increased pay.

“These companies in the last three years have made world-historic profits, in some cases as much as a 1,000 percent increase.  And the dockworkers are on an old contract. They haven’t seen an extra penny.” said Peter Cole, a professor at Western Illinois University and dockworker labor historian.

West Coast ports stretching from California to Washington state are critical to the U.S. supply chains and the economy.

To give you an idea of what is happening, at the Port of Oakland, during the week of June 5, the average TEUs (ton equivalent units) waiting off port limits rose to 35,153 from 25,266, according to MarineTraffic. At the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach, California, the average TEUs waiting off port limits rose to 51,228 from 21,297 the previous week, said a MarineTraffic.

What are the long-term implications?

The longer the dispute goes unresolved, the greater the potential impact on the country’s supply chain. Ships, along with trains and trucks, are foundational to the imports and exports of the U.S. economy.

As we saw during Covid, it only takes a small disruption in one part of the supply chain to cause congestion in the others.

The shutdown of West Coast ports will result in massive economic loss and endanger thousands of manufacturing jobs.

Retailers currently worry about having products shipped in time so that they will be able to restock their day to day items, otherwise we will see wars in the isles fighting over all consumer goods items.  Remember the TP fights that were taking place?

I know that some of you have contacted me about what we are doing with Patriot Switch and how it is saving us money as well as ensuring we will not have any disruptions with our consumer goods.

NOW… imagine this on a much grander scale when we start slapping even more sanctions on China how bad supply chains will be then.

Another point is once BRICS comes together, think of all countries that are neutral to us, dislike us or out and out hate us. How do you think that will affect the supply chains then?

NOW… couple those two things together and what kind of chaos are we going to see?

Are you starting to get the picture that I am painting for you?

I urge you to start thinking about your “Plan B” and what you are going to do so that you can minimize the disruptions that will take place in your own personal family’s lives.

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Let me show you what we have bought and used, and I can maybe help make some recommendations for you as well if you want.

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This was our past weekend LIVE show and in this episode I am talking about global situations that are going to affect us in the near and distant future. We are talking about the dam busting in Ukraine, the global affects of the war having on us, global food shortages, fertilizer shortages, materials needed to make microchips and a possible war with China.

Folks, I know that EMP, CME, Zombies and such are romantic ideas. But what I am sharing in this video is hard core happenings that we will for a fact be faced with. There are no “IFs” it is a matter of WHEN these things will take place and how quickly they will affect you and me personally.

So take the time to please watch this and understand that these are coming and our nation will get slammed.