Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

I wanted to share a video with you that is VERY eye opening because people do not realize the razor’s edge we are sitting on when it comes to a war with China over  Taiwan.

What this video is sharing is a day by day account of what will happen if / when we go to war with China and it is going to happen quickly.

I am of the belief that it isn’t an “IF” more like a “WHEN.” It will be swift and the US will be cut off from ALL Chinese goods in just a couple days.

You may not realize this but in 2023 close to 96% of goods in Walmart are Chinese made or Chinese Sourced. Probably about the same for many of the other big box woke stores too.

So, if a sudden war took place with China, those goods would disappear off the shelves in a matter of hours… well maybe a day or two. But can you imagine the chaos that would ensue in those shopping isles?

OH… here are a couple of spoiler alerts…

1 – It will not be nuclear.

2 – China will start it and lob non-nuclear missiles all over the pacific hammering our ships and any ally airbases.

3 – US will finish it with non-nuclear weapons and China will wither away as a global power.

BUT no matter what, the US will be thrown into consumer goods chaos. This is why I an REALLY encouraging folks to start securing where they are going to get their consumer goods NOW. Know  where are they going to get their local goods, and for folks to start making a concerted effort to start buying “Made In The USA” again.

Do you have a “Plan B” if all your daily consumer goods would all of a sudden go missing?

If not – JOIN PATRIOT SWITCH – Stop Supporting Agendas You Do Not Agree With & Stop Supporting Chinese Made Goods.

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