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If you have been reading my articles, I have been pointing out things that are taking place at a relatively fast pace.

Many are now starting to see the writing on the wall.

If you are new to my site and my articles, I recommend you brush up on what I have written.

First Major Indicator – The Walmart family has sold masses of Walmart stock this year. I have gone back as far as 2016, and they have never sold as much as they have sold in the past three months – 71 million shares.

Read That Article Here –

The Walton family knows that something is coming down the pipe.

Second Major Indicator – if you have been in my community for some time, this is familiar news. But the BRICS Alliance is picking up steam, and in a big way. In the last few weeks, I have been reporting that 23 nations are on board to join the BRICS Alliance, and now we are looking at 41 countries.

When these nations come together, they will…

–      Create an alliance with a GDP of over 30% of that of the US

–      Have over 50% of the world’s population

–      Control over 60% of the world’s oil production

Read That Article Here –

More and More Preppers Warning About BRICS

Just this morning, Rudy – The Alaska Prepper- released two videos warning about the BRICS nations, but one that REALLY stands out is the one titled “6 Weeks To Get As Prepared As You Can.”

I HIGHLY recommend that you watch this because he is also pointing out a lot of what I have been pointing out over this past year.

Watch Now –

Now this is about a 2o minute video, but I encourage you to stay with it. The information is critical.

Other prepper / YouTube channels warning of the BRICS Alliance have been Pinball Preparedness, Wall Street Silver, Asia Quick Take, and others.

All of these alt news sources as well as myself have been saying that when the BRICS nations come together and allow these 23 – 41 nations into the alliance, it will be the end of the Petrodollar, the end of US Hegemony, and the end of our dollar’s global reserve status.

NOW… we may maintain the title of “global reserve,” but it will be just that, a title with little monetary strength and influence behind it.

What Does All This Mean?

1 – Combined, The BRICS nations will have more money and stronger economic health than the US.

2 – The BRICS nations combined will have more people, at an 11 to 1 ratio, purchasing goods and services vs. that of the US.

The US has been the strongest economy with the most purchasing power globally.

Now with the BRICS Alliance coming together, not only do they beat the US in economic health, but they will also beat us with the number of people who will buy goods and such, aka purchasing power.

I talk to a boatload of preppers, and many seem concerned with things like EMP, CME, Zombie Apocalypse, and the like.

Folks, can all these things happen? Yeah, for sure, but what are the odds or likelihood…realistically?

The one thing staring us in the face and will start to affect us in 6 weeks is when the BRICS nations come together and form the BRICS Alliance.

Some of the nations that wish to join the BRICS Trade Alliance taking place in August will be…

  • Afghanistan
  • Algeria
  • Argentina
  • Bahrain
  • Bangladesh
  • Belarus
  • Egypt
  • France
  • Indonesia
  • Iran
  • Kazakhstan
  • Nicaragua
  • Mexico
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Senegal
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • The United Arab Emirates
  • Thailand
  • Tunisia
  • Turkey
  • Uruguay
  • Venezuela
  • Zimbabwe

Other nations like Japan, Germany, Brussels, and the UK are sitting on the sidelines and peeking at the BRICS Alliance.

They Will Create A New BRICS Currency

When these nations come together, they are expected to agree on creating a new currency called the R2 or BRIC.

This new currency allows nations to totally circumvent and bypass using the US dollar as the global trading reserve and trade with each other using the BRIC/R2.

What will happen is that the BRICS Alliance will basically be shutting the US out of global trade.

I mean, who needs to sell to the US when you have over 50% of the world’s population that you can sell to and have no animosity towards?

Right now, there are so many nations that we have lost credibility with, as well as nations that dislike us and others who out and out hate us.

Who needs EMP, CME, and Zombies when you are being shut out of buying imports from countries that no longer want to do business with you?

Rudy, the Alaska Prepper, gave a great analogy…

What happens if, all of a sudden, shoppers at Walmart are no longer shopping and buying products at that Walmart?

The result is that individual Walmart would go out of business.

We as a nation are basically looking at the same situation. But what happens when the US goes out of business? Things go bad fast.

More nations are breaking off from the dollar and are already selling off Treasury bonds. In essence, what they are doing is sending our debt back to the US.

Two of the biggest holders of US debt are China and Japan. On July 18th, it was reported that both liquidated over 800 billion dollars in US debt/treasury bonds.

And many other countries are following suit. Which basically is dumping the dollar as a means of economic exchange.

So, when nations dump our debt / dollar, what is going to happen?

Inflation that is going to suck our buying power dry, especially when it comes to foreign imports.

Inflation is Killing Our Personal Buying Power

All that debt / US dollars will be coming back to our country. The backlash of that action will create higher inflation. When more dollars are in circulation, that means that the value of that dollar drops. Thus, it will cost more dollars to buy goods and services in the future.

Inflation will take hold and destroy our buying power, that is if people do not prepare.

The official inflation over the past two years has been an 18% increase, and those are the “official” numbers. You and I both know that the cost of goods and such are much more expensive than two years ago, way more than 18%.

NOW… imagine the cost of goods and services going up 30% or 40% or more higher.

We know that people are already having a hard enough time. Think if prices are now 30% – 40% higher.

That is what will happen when more and more countries start dropping the dollar and running to the BRIC / R2.

More and more dollars will flood back into our nation, causing the dollar to lose value and cost you and me more and more dollars to buy the goods and services that we need.

Folks, we are being shut out of global trade, and it will cost us so much more to purchase those imported goods that we have become so addicted to.

Gone will be the days of cheap Chinese goods.

In fact, gone will be the days of any cheap imports we have gotten used to because many of the nations are going to join BRICS.

As more and more countries start dropping the dollar, prices will continue to go up more and more.

That is what we face as a nation because so much of our goods are imported. We as a nation stopped producing things 20+ years ago, and much of our manufacturing was sent overseas.

In fact, much of our manufacturing has gone to many of the nations that are now wishing to join BRICS.

With All That is Coming – How Do We Maintain Some Sort of Normalcy?

And that is the key that we are working on here at the Mhor home, maintaining some semblance of normalcy. I look at Argentina and Venezuela and what happened to the people of their countries when the economic collapse occurred and trying to learn from those situations.

We will see a LOT of change due to BRICS that will affect our lives personally.

Can we get what we used to buy at Walmart?

As time passes, I don’t think so because so much depends on Chinese-made or Chinese sourced. Now lump into that BRICS made and BRICS sourced, and hopefully, you will start seeing the picture I am painting for you.

What We Are Doing in Our Home

Personally, we have been creating alternate avenues to maintain our normalcy and creating our own personal supply chains to remain intact. We know a storm is coming, and we have been shoring up our “ark” for the long term.

We have been doing this in several ways…

–  We are investing in tangible assets that we will need while our dollar still has buying power. Things like garden tools, kitchen tools, building tools, and other things that we will need in day-to-day life.

– We are looking at purchasing junk silver so that we can use that for barter and trade. Gold and silver prices are currently low, so now is an excellent time to hit up those mom-and-pop coin shops and stock up on junk silver.

– We are ripping up our backyard and growing a bigger garden than last year. We will also work on saving more seeds this year so that we can grow next year.

– We are working on connecting with local gardeners, farmers, ranchers, and farmer’s markets.

– We are leveraging apps like…

–, where we can connect with other gardeners.

–, where we can connect with local family-owned businesses.

–, where we can connect with other preppers all over the U.S. and locally to help facilitate mutual assistance groups.

– We have also switched from buying 95% of our daily consumer goods from Walmart. We are now leveraging Patriot Switch, which has helped us replace all those goods we once got at Walmart and other box stores, and now we shop with a great family-owned online shopping club with nearly 500 daily consumer goods that are also US Made.

We Must Change Our Buying Habits Now

Last week China stopped all trade of gallium and germanium, two metals needed to produce microchips.

This from Zero Hedge…

Now this will continue to affect the microchip arena along with the lack of neon, palladium, and palladium.

Quick note – get that new computer or cell phone now while there is still a supply of chips.

I keep warning folks that we must make this switch now so that when SHTF, we are already prepared and used to this new way of getting what our families need.

Imagine if China said they would stop shipping things we use every day? What sort of chaos would that create?

Just look at gallium and germanium, the two metals needed to produce microchips.

That is the kind of leverage that BRICS / China has over us. They can pull the rug out, and we are crap out of luck.

Folks, think about this for a moment, what would happen if the Walmart shelves became empty, or the products there cost so much that you can’t afford them because they are imported?

Gallium and germanium are two metals needed in producing microchips.

We need to identify our personal supply chains to have them in place in case the rug gets pulled out from under us.

For us, the biggest issue was finding a company that still produces US-made consumer goods, and we found a good one.

The great news is that they maintain our family’s values. No ESG with them. No WOKE agenda and No Chinese-made Chinese sourced junk.

If this is something that you want to leverage for you and your family, contact me, and I will zap you an email and send you a text when you fill out my Patriot Switch link.

I promise no Amway speeches or anything like that. Just me sharing what we are doing and how we made the switch.

Talk to me and join 20,000 other patriotic Americans with the Patriot Switch Movement – a great online shopping club –

What’s The Alternative?

You will be put in a SHTF situation where you and your family cannot maintain some normalcy, where you could have jumped on what we are doing here at the Mhor home.

The thing is that right now, we still have time. If you wait to make all these changes I recommended above, well, to be blunt, it will suck big time for you and your family.

So, I suggest that you start doing these things now. Put your pride aside and start looking for alternatives to create your own personal supply chain that will produce American-made products so that you can maintain some normalcy for you and your family.

Start learning to garden, hunt, and fish.

Start using the apps mentioned above to create alliances to barter and trade with.

Start securing your daily consumer goods and finding American-made products by making the switch –

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.

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