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If you have not taken the time to read my article that I pushed out a couple days ago “Time To Break The Walmart – Chinese Made Addiction” I would take the time to read it.

In a nutshell, we as preppers and Americans need to break the addiction to buying Chinese-made goods and do it quickly.

WHY? – Because if things escalate between US and China, then trading with China will dry up, or things will become incredibly expensive.

Interestingly, a day after I published this article, my YouTube friend SouthernPrepper1 put out a video asking for confirmation that the DOD Commissaries are no longer buying Chinese-made products, nor will they be putting them on the shelf.

Here is an email that he got from one of his viewers…

“We work as civilians at two Army bases and one Air Force Base in the interior of Alaska. Yesterday the commissary informed us that they had been restricted from ordering anything from China effective immediately with no current end date.

They even had to go around the store putting signs and stickers on everything that was not from China. We don’t know what it means exactly, but DOD is cutting ties with China for the foreseeable future.

I would advise people to stock up on anything made in China items or parts sooner rather than later in case, it turns out to be something national.”

The interesting thing is that Rudy – The Alaskan Prepper, responded with a video checking out his local DOD Commissary.

He opened up his video stating that “it is going to be very easy for China and those who support China to cut us off if our dollar falls to a level where it is no longer worth their time.”

AP did a great job and did, in fact, confirm that the Commissaries and Base Exchanges will cease getting things from China to sell to the service men and women who serve in the military.

What he was able to find was FY23 Defense Authorization Act – aka the defense budget.

I went to and found the same document: House Bill 7900.

And in it right there in plain black and white is the verbiage prohibiting selling Chinese goods in commissary stores and military exchanges.

You can read it here below.

    The Secretary of Defense shall prohibit the sale, at a commissary 
store or military exchange, of goods--
            (1) manufactured in China;
            (2) assembled in China;
            (3) imported into the United States from China; or
            (4) containing materials from the Xinjiang Uyghur 
        Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China.
Source -

So, there you have it. DOD commissaries and Military Exchanges will no longer sell Chinese manufactured, assembled, imported from China or anything containing materials from China.

Folks, I will be very blunt and say that you need to drop your dependency on Chinese-made goods otherwise, one day, you might find yourself behind the 8-ball and fighting in a store aisle for that bottle of mouthwash or some other item.

But more than that, do you realize how many goods you use that are directly Chinese-made or the raw materials your products have in them that come from China?

Here is another point, if China decided to stop all exports to the US or put in place extreme limits on goods flowing out of China to the US. Do you know how much it would hurt our economy?

This major Achilles heel would directly affect most American families today.

Remember the TP fights in Walmart?

Now imagine that taking place but over a bottle of Arm & Hammer Laundry soap, which is made in China.

Or how many of your tubes of toothpaste, dish soaps, makeup, health, and beauty aids, cleaning supplies, and basically, all the consumer goods that you use in your house right now would disappear?

How would you handle that?

Here are several other facts. The US Consumer Goods Market is worth 600 billion dollars, and almost all the goods we buy are controlled by only 11 companies.

Do you realize that many of these companies and sub-companies get their raw materials from China to produce all those household goods you use daily?

Did you catch that one line from the DOD?

– containing materials from the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China.

So, what is so important about the Xinjiang region of China?

Rare earth minerals, coal, iron, zinc, chrome, nickel, and copper, as well as molybdenum and tungsten (used in strengthening steel) and gold. Both petroleum and natural gas, as well as iron, steel works, and cement factories. There are petrochemical plants, thermal power generation, and industries processing agricultural and animal products, including several textile mills (cotton) and beet sugar mills.

This Chinese goods trend is something that Cynthia and I spotted a little while ago, and we have already made changes to secure solid purchasing lines so that if China did cut us off or things escalated with China, we would not be as affected.

One of our home goals for Cynthia and I are working hard to get healthier and eliminate toxins in our lives as much as possible as well as reducing our China-made stuff.

One supply chain we found is an online shopping club like Sam’s or Costco, but all their products are plant-based and made here in the US.

We have gotten several orders already, and we are sold. If you read my articles or watch my YouTube, you know I do not put my name on anything I am not using myself. We have used mouthwash, dish soap, laundry detergent, creams, etc. This store has totally converted us, and we are actively converting over our preps to this American-made, pro-family, no woke BS store.

In fact, Cynthia is going full bore and swapping out anything and everything that might have chemicals in it, even all her makeup.

I have been making several price comparisons, and inflation has not affected this store, like how high inflation has hit the prices at most big box stores. Heck, in laundry detergent alone we are saving $$ and getting our clothes much cleaner.

In the long run, it is my goal to help folks find solutions because when cheap Chinese stuff dries up, and it is beginning to look like it will be here soon, then the sheeple mobs will be out in full force. Again, remember the TP fights in big box stores? Now imagine that on a larger scale, and you are in the middle because you did not secure your own consumer goods personal supply chain.

Am I painting a clear enough picture for you?

Do you really want to fight the mobs over some mouthwash?

Then you need to start converting over now so that you have these goods already lined up.

I hope this article has helped and given you some things to consider. If you have any questions or comments about this, please feel free to reach out to me. My email is [email protected]. I will gladly share with you what we are doing and going about all these changes.

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